Pure Ocean Snorkelling Samoa

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Pure Ocean Snorkelling Activities

Take a peek beneath the waves

Snorkelling in the waters surrounding Samoa is an absolute must for anyone holidaying here. You’ll be amazed at what lies beneath the surface – a whole new world awaits discovery once you’ve donned your mask, snorkel and fins. Here at Pure Ocean we have activities suitable for snorkelers of all abilities, from absolute beginner to snorkelled everywhere level.

Pure Ocean Diving Samoa

Introduction to Snorkelling

Although having a paddle around in the shallow water with your goggles and flippers is great fun, it’s out in the deeper water that you will find the really cool stuff! Turtles and rays, trevally and snapper plus loads of beautiful reef fish can all be seen without ever having to go underwater. With instruction from a Pure Ocean guide who will teach you the techniques and instil the confidence needed to marvel at the amazing underwater world beneath you, we’ll have you out on a snorkel boat in no time! We’ll also teach you that we call them mask and fins.

Pure Ocean Diving Samoa
Pure Ocean Diving Samoa

Snorkel Tours

Just because you don’t scuba dive dosen’t mean that you have to miss out on all the wonders of the reef. Pure Ocean will take you to the most beautiful snorkel sites around the island giving you the opportunity to enjoy the most amazing marine life that Samoa has to offer. A Pure Ocean snorkel guide will be in the water with you to help point out the marine life big and small. A trip guaranteed to pique your curiosity in the underwater world!

Pure Ocean Diving Samoa