NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is back in port

NOAA Research Vessel Samoa
NOAA Research Vessel Samoa

Pure Ocean invited on board Okeanos Explorer

The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is back in port and they very kindly invited us down to have a look onboard. Despite their tight schedule they answered a plethora of questions as Bruno drooled over their deep sea ROV which dives down to over 6000m.

They are an amazingly dedicated crew that receive very little attention and even less credit yet the work they do is at the forefront of helping us learn and discover what is happening beneath the waves.

Thanks again to the crew though we are still trying to work out a way to sneak back on and stow away!

Amazing snorkelling on Aggie’s Reef

Snorkelling Samoa Manono Snorkel Boat

Turtles, rays and an abundance of colourful reef fish

Is it the sea? Or is it an infinity pool? The snorkelling around Samoa is amazing and some of the best is right on Pure Ocean’s door step! Join us on one of our snorkel boat trips out to the edge of the lagoon where there is the chance to see turtles, rays, juvenile reef sharks, barracuda and an abundance of colourful reef fish. The Manono Island snorkel boat visits the small Samoan island where cars are non-existent, allowing a peaceful walk around the picture perfect villages. Enjoy snorkelling in the lagoon and on Aggie’s Reef as well as a visit to tiny Bat Island right next door to Manono itself.

Stunning Samoan scenery

Scenery Photography Samoa

Take time out to explore

As much as we love spending time sitting on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean, now and then we drag ourselves away to do some exploring of this island paradise. Views like the one above are literally around every corner and a quick morning drive can very easily turn into an all day adventure as you stop every couple of hundred metres for just one more picture! It’s scenery like this that make Samoa such an unspoiled paradise. Come see for yourself!

MotoSamoa Scooter Rental at Pure Ocean

Samoa Scooter Rental
Samoa Scooter Rental

Explore Samoa on a scooter

The easiest and most pleasurable way to get around our island paradise is by scooter! Pure Ocean are now an agent for MotoSamoa, Samoa’s one and only scooter rental company. With the Pure Ocean Dive & Watersports Centre only a 5 minute drive from the Samoa’s international airport you can hop off your plane and hop onto a scooter to get to your hotel, or to one of our fantastic beaches, a beautiful waterfall, a Samoan village, a rainforest, or to come scuba diving! Visit MotoSamoa for more information and bookings.

NOAA Research Vessel Visits Samoa

Pure Ocean Samoa NOAA Research

NOAA Research Vessel Visits Samoa

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) research vessel Okeanos Explorer is currently visiting Samoa as part of it’s latest expedition to explore remote Pacific Ocean Marine Protected Areas. As well as mapping the seafloor around the islands they are also taking a peek at what lies down in the deep! Take a look for yourself.

Some of the Explorer’s crew took some time out to come and see some amazing marine life in slightly shallower water. Thanks for diving with us guys!