Pure Ocean Snorkelling Samoa

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Pure Ocean Snorkelling Activities

Take a peek beneath the waves

Snorkelling in the waters surrounding Samoa is an absolute must for anyone holidaying here. You’ll be amazed at what lies beneath the surface – a whole new world awaits discovery once you’ve donned your mask, snorkel and fins. Here at Pure Ocean we have activities suitable for snorkelers of all abilities, from absolute beginner to snorkelled everywhere level.

Pure Ocean Diving Samoa

Shilo Reef Snorkelling trip (about 1½ hr)

Our most popular snorkel trip is to the reef right on our very door step. About 7 minutes from our dive centre sits Shilo Reef. A great place for novice and experienced snorkelers alike, on most expeditions we are treated to banner fish, flute fish, fusiliers, zebra fish, surgeon fish, turtles, and for those with a keen eye and good free diving skills there is always the chance to catch a glimpse of the elusive and beautiful nudibranch.

Pure Ocean Diving Samoa
Scuba Diving Snorkelling Samoa

Manono Snorkelling trip (about 3½ hrs)

For our longer trip we take you all the way to the exotic island of Manono. During this activity you not only get to explore two of the magnificent reefs just off the cost of Manono, but you will also spend some time on a short hike around bat island where you play hide and seek with the sleeping bats.
With an average of 20m+ visibility, once in the water you have a great chance to discover a diverse and striking aquatic world, teeming with life, such as soldier fish, pilot fish, unicorn fish, box fish, puffer fish, snapper, turtles and for the very lucky few the majestic black tip reef sharks.

Scuba Diving Snorkelling Samoa

Experience Level

We ask that for both trips that the guests have snorkelled before and are comfortable in deep water, even though there will be a guide in the water with you, none of the sites have any locations where you can stand up.